Sunday, March 13, 2016

RyeTAGA Prepares to Take on Memphis, Tennessee

Over the course of the year, RyeTAGA has been working around the clock to finalize the graphics and layout portion of their annually produced journal – the journal that will be used to compete in the 2016 TAGA Annual Technical Conference. 

RyeTAGA is excited to be attending the TAGA Annual Technical Conference from March 20th to 23rd, in Memphis, Tennessee. RyeTAGA has had the privilege of competing at this event for many years. The conference is an excellent way to compete amongst peers and learn from industry leaders through keynote presentations and networking opportunities. 
This year, RyeTAGA’s journal design reflects the visible colour spectrum, with black and white accents for a clean and polished appearance, with a beautiful chrome casing. In the past, RyeTAGA has utilized in-house presses and production equipment to help secure their winning position. This year, they plan to continue traditions by taking advantage of different print processes in order to keep things new and exciting while still maintaining their competitive edge.

Considerations thus far include printing the journal digitally and utilizing GCM’s in-house Xerox press to print the journal’s inside pages. As the journal’s creative process reaches completion, March is already appearing to be a busy month for RyeTAGA with the final stages of production taking place. The complete digitization of this year’s journal has been an ongoing process, with plans to finish simultaneously with production. RyeTAGA is excited to incorporate Aurasma - augmented reality into their journal as well. The count down is on, as students of RyeTAGA are in the final stages before the big weekend in Memphis. Stay tuned for further updates!  

Written by Janna Guyatt


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