Monday, October 1, 2012

RyeTAGA Calendars

Our Creative Director at RyeTAGA, Tracy Ta was hard at work all summer long putting together the annual RyeTAGA calendar. After thinking of many different designs, she decided on the “swatch book”.
This calendar will not only be used to keep track of your daily activities, but you can use it to see what over 360 CMYK prints would like on a digital printer! A great tool for color management in the rising digital print industry. After the design was done, our awesome Production/ Editorial Director, Alyssa Szeto was hard at work planning for production day.
We would also like to thank all of the volunteers that came out to the bindery to help put together the calendars!
  • Emily House
  • Linda Chau
  • Jacqueline Chan
  • Victoria Bianchi
  • Sean Davis
  • Jenna Vander Doelan
  • Nikita Kuzmin
  • Valerie Drozdowsky
  • Mike Wu
Special thanks to major sponsors at The School of Graphic Communications Management: Ian Baitz, Peter Roehrig, and Faculty Advisor Martin Habekost.

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