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What is a Packaging Engineer?

Have you ever looked at certain packaging and wondered, who designed this? Or who developed this? Oftentimes we may not think much about who designed or created a specific packaging we just rip it off and throw it out. However, some packaging really captures our attention and this is all thanks to packaging engineers. Packaging engineers are responsible for designing packaging materials for all sorts of items used in all different types of contexts. To put it simply, their job is to create eye-catching packaging to reel in the consumer and to create effective packaging for the product at hand.

Graphics by Darrab Qureshi

Responsibilities of a packaging engineer

As important as it is to create eye-catching packaging, ultimately the packaging will most likely be thrown out. Packaging engineers typically focus more on whether the package needs to withstand certain temperatures, whether it needs to be tamper-resistant for medications, whether it has a peculiar shape that needs to be accommodated for and much more. Their job also entails them in determining materials that would be best suited for the product or the machinery necessary to seal the product inside the packaging.

The role of a Packaging Engineer is much harder than it may seem

As you're reading this you may be thinking to yourself this doesn’t sound too difficult. However, in reality being a packaging engineer is not as easy as it may seem. They must know how to deal with chemicals, industrial machinery, materials for specific products and much more. They also need to have excellent communication skills as they will be discussing with different departments about design, research, budget and much more.


All in all a packaging engineer is an important aspect of our industry. They aid in designing and creating many different kinds and types of packaging ranging from a wide variety of things. I mean imagine that you buy cup noodles from the convenience store and when you put hot water in the cup the cup begins to melt. This just proves how important packaging engineers are in the world that is constantly changing and growing. Fun fact: did you know that packaging engineers typically graduate with an engineering degree.

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