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Graphic Design Trends of 2022

Updated: Feb 11

Graphic design trends don’t stop and start according to the calendar. All designers must always pay attention to the direction of the design trend and where that design is going in. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, many designers have shifted their focus to creating more interactive designs, rather than staying 2D.

Graphics by Haiying Zhang

Graphic design trends are influenced by various factors. Such as the economy, changing tastes and fashion, as well as social and technological trends all play a role in the way we perceive design. Now let’s take a look at the top 8 possible graphic trends for 2022!

90s Nostalgia

It seems not that long ago that popular media like Stranger Things and It brought 80s nostalgia back into the mainstream. In 2022, we will be likely seeing more 90s elements coming back in the trend.

2D/3D Mashup

3D design trend is still ongoing and evolving, but in 2022 there will be a great partnership between 2D and 3D that gives the best of both worlds.

Glass and Crystals

Last year, there were many designs that mimicked the texture of metals and gold, and this year, the trend has gradually shifted to glass and crystals with incredible realism in the 3D form to bring the graphic design to the next level.

Candy Colours

Minimalism has been around for several years and now with the pandemic, it influenced many people to use more vibrant colours to spice up mono-colored artworks. Adding a pop of color to the design will definitely bring more attention to the product.

Grunge Revival

Unlike the candy color trend, the revival of grunge is angst incarnate, and its return is a recognition of the out-of-control world. This style is characterized by its gritty and splotchy textures, shadowed imagery and zine-like collages.


Y2K (also known as Kaybug) is an aesthetic that was prevalent in popular culture from roughly the 1990s to the early 2000s. That era was characterized by technological optimism. Now, many creatives are trying to bring back this trend, where anything seems possible through technology - through Y2K-inspired designs.


Last year, we witnessed designers escaping stay-at-home orders through imaginative forays into the natural world. Since then, this style of aesthetic has become a popular trend to follow in the graphic design community.

Daydream Doodles

As straight forward as the name sounds, this consists of doodles that are more than meaningless shapes you draw when your mind wanders during a zoom class.

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