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Design In The Pandemic


Have you heard of COVID 19, CoronaVirus, or the pandemic? I mean who hasn’t right? It’s been more than two years since the pandemic started and it still hasn’t ended. Many people have been studying from home, some working from home and some designing from home. Yup, you heard that right many people have started design during the pandemic and that is our topic for today; design and how the pandemic changed or kept it the same.

Graphics by Darrab Qureshi

How designed changed

The online world is different from the real world and as the pandemic led to lockdowns and closures many graphic designers who worked for professional companies were laid off. Due to this those who were laid off and simply those who wanted to make an income through design turned to freelancing. Many countries saw an increase in freelancers and this was simply due to the fact that it was a great way to work from home. Also since, many companies began to turn to online business the need for freelance designers grew and thus, allowed designers to grow and build their skill.

More information on how the pandemic increased freelancing can be found in this here.

Now it wasn't smooth sailing for everyone in the design industry; those who worked in architecture, interior design and other predominantly in person fields of design saw a decrease in clients. Sally Breer, a small business owner said, “ when people are worried about having food on the table, interior design feels like the furthest thing they’re able to care about or invest in.” As you may be able to interpret from this quote, many individuals, especially small business owners struggled and are still struggling due to the pandemic. If you want to read more stories on how design affected individuals in other fields click here.


In conclusion, the pandemic though favoured many was and still is difficult for many individuals within the design field. As the pandemic continues it shows the importance of being able to adapt and requires many to change the lifestyles they were once accustomed to.

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