Let The Speech Begin!

Audiobooks are a newly implemented feature for RyeTAGA. With accessibility in mind, we wanted to provide readers with a way to access information when print presents obstacles, maximizing everyone's ability to read the technical papers presented in this year's journal.

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An Exploration of Environmental Impacts & Consumer Perceptions of Soft Drink Packaging

Written by Jessica Huynh, narrated by Darrab Qureshi.

“For there to be a shift in consumer perception, companies can implement more recycled plastic into their packaging, spread awareness around this topic and enhance their packaging designs to reflect these changes. However, there is also a need for more efficient recycling systems, a reduction in the use and manufacturing of single-use plastics, a movement towards creating circular economies and a need to help consumers understand how to recycle packaging properly.” 

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Fast Food Takeout Packaging: Choose Your Fighter!

Written by Chehek Vohra, narrated by Haiying Zhang.

“Materials play a big impact on the type of fast-food packaging available in today’s market as many of them are harmful for the environment. Single use takeout containers are prevalent in today’s society and can be seen used by many big brands. The impacts these materials have on the environment and the factors that affect them are important to consider.”

A Powerful Tool: How Graphic Design Plays into Chinese Propaganda

Written by Anushka Bhardwaj, narrated by Darrab Qureshi.

“China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move the world.“

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The Brown Stripe In Pride: Exploring South Asian Queer Liberation Through
Graphic Design

Written by Afrah Idrees, narrated by Haiying Zhang.

“Throughout gay liberation movements, there has historically been a lack and exclusion of queer South Asian voices and experiences, especially within the Western world. This paper aims to explore the use of graphic design and visual communication by queer South Asians to uncover how these pieces facilitate liberation for themselves and their communities.”

Living Past Expectations:
An Analysis on Printing Marketing Materials' Integration Amidst the Digital Age

Written by Erin Navarro, narrated by Haiying Zhang.

“The future success of print-related marketing materials relies heavily on innovation, repurposing, and integration, learning to co-exist and collaborate (rather than oppose) with its digital counterparts to establish an appealing experience toward the consumers it wishes to address.“

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