Friday, February 12, 2016

Student Choice Awards Follow-Up!

On Friday February 5th, GCM students joined RyeTAGA at Lou Dawg's, an off-campus pub to celebrate the 4th Annual Student Choice Awards! Prior to the beginning of the event, students sat among friends and fellow nominees, buzzing about who would win coveted event categories like ‘best laugh’ and ‘most sought after lab partner.’ The night began with an enthusiastic introduction by RyeTAGA’s Multimedia Director, Natalie Mainville – students were roused up and excited to begin the night. Shortly after, RyeTAGA’s Marketing Director, Antek Krystecki, took over the mic and hosted the remainder of the event with great energy, truly living up to his won award of ‘Most GCM spirit.’ Winning students paraded down the pub’s narrow walkway, red carpet style, with trophies in hand, to join their friends – old and new – at the RyeTAGA backdrop to take hilarious pictures to commemorate their victories. Overall, the night was filled with laughter, fun, and many left with the feeling of being a champion. Visit our Facebook page to see all of the action shots taken by RyeTAGA's general member Mina Out!
Blog Post Written by General Member Janna Guyatt


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