Friday, February 5, 2016

RyeTAGA’s 4th Annual Student Choice Awards

RyeTAGA is looking forward to hosting their 4th annual Student Choice Awards tonight, February 5th, 2016 at 7pm. The event will take place at a well known local on campus pub, Lou Dawg’s. The Student Choice Awards is one of RyeTAGA’s most popular events as it helps contribute to raising money for next year’s succeeding RyeTAGA team. 

For those that are unaware, the Student Choice Awards is a student run event that celebrates fellow students. During the fall semester, GCM students voted for categories that they wanted to see their peers nominated for. Once selected, students were subsequently nominated for each category, ranging from predicting the future with ‘Most likely to be the next press operator’ to silly questions like ‘Who would make the best bachelor or bachelorette?’ On the night of the awards, the votes will be tallied up and trophies will be given to the winning students to commemorate their successes in these categories. If you wish to attend this year’s event, early bird tickets are available in the GCM Heidelberg Centre’s lobby for $7 as well as at the door of the event for $10.

RyeTAGA's Financial Director Vanessa Bloom sells tickets in the GCM Lobby

Article Written by General Member Janna Guyatt


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