Tuesday, January 27, 2015

RyeTAGA's 3rd Annual Student Choice Awards

On Friday, January 16, GCMers gathered at Ram in the Rye to join RyeTAGA at the 3rd Annual Student Choice Awards. As the time of the event approached, chattering was heard everywhere with people discussing the different categories they were nominated for. While some were surprised about their nominations, others straight up knew what was coming for them. With over forty categories ranging from “Biggest Nerd” to “Most Likely to Get Stuck in the GCM Elevator,” everyone was anxious to see what surprises we had in store for them. To add to the thrill of it all, custom buttons were designed this, replacing our (cheap, plastic) trophies.

RyeTAGA's co-president Steph Murray, and GCM Course Union president Chris Ambedkar hosted the event with great energy and a lot of laughs. When all the awards had been handed out, students then walked around parading their victories and joined us at the backdrop to take some red carpet shots with their friends and sometimes even strangers. Overall it was a great night and we hope everyone enjoyed their time as much as we did! And if we haven’t said it enough: CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!

Click here to watch a quick recap of the night!

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