Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trung at Graph Expo

It’s been a few days since I’ve returned from GraphExpo and I’ve just about recovered from all that heavy networking! It was a busy 6 days in Chicago and I got to experience so much of the city. Chicago is so different from Toronto. It’s architecture is so vast, diverse, and interesting. The city is laid out so beautifully along the lakeshore and its many rivers and bridges. Not to say that Toronto isn’t beautiful, because it is in a different way. But I do really love the Chicago accent.

I attended 3 days of GraphExpo with the rest of GCM and attended tours at Xerox, Delphax, and Esko. Xerox has a large booth as usual and their presence is always very impressive. They are currently working on streamlining and integrating the binding and finishing processes into their current printers with a focus on reducing bottlenecks and maintaining consistent production speeds throughout the workflow. Delphax is proud to introduce their new Elan Digital Colour Print System to North America with unprecedented speed, versatility, colour quality, and affordability. Beta testing is expected to begin next year. Esko’s Packaging Software for 3D Package Design is as impressive as ever with life-like simulations of your package on store shelves. With Esko, designers can interact with and test the physical properties of their packages.

On Tuesday I presented a 3 hour workshop (Hands-On EPUB: Content Creation for E-readers and Tablets) with Dr. Abhay Sharma of Ryerson University and Janet Hill of Tufts University. It was my first time assisting with a workshop and in such a beautiful computer lab. We had many interesting attendees including some from the National Intelligence University in Washington, the government of the State of Washington, and the US Supreme Court. It was a 3 hour long workshop and I’m grateful for the experience.

It was a great chance to network with industry and get the RyeTAGA name out there before we see them again at PrintWorld in November! But I’m happy to be back at home, at GCM, and at RyeTAGA.
Trung Nguyen
Co-President RyeTAGA

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